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Meet The Team


Arvind Bhadresa

Public Relations

Responsible for

co-ordinating discounts and advertising from local businesses.

Helping other committee members in HBOA tasks, when required.


Vacant Position

General Secretary

Shall be responsible for issuing the meeting agenda, taking the minutes of meetings and writing letters as requested by other officers and with prior permission from the Chair or Vice-Chair.


Meeta Mukherjee

Health & Safety

Responsible for

co-ordinating Health, Safety and Security matters in Highlands and flag issues to the Management and The HBOA Committee for appropriate action.

Helping other committee members in HBOA tasks, when required.

Amitab pic.png

Amitbath Bhattacharya

 Legal Advisor

Advisor to the committee on legal matters in relation to HBOA affairs


Dave Birdi



Chair meetings and be the association’s main representative.


Andrew Whitehead

Vice Chairman



Support the Chairperson when required and stand in for the Chairperson when they are not available


Avtar Sira

Co-ordinator Officer

Responsible for advising the committee on security issues. Organising Social gatherings in Goa and the UK, leisure trips in and around India

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